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Silence Water

Més que el disseny en sí del packaging d’aquesta ampolla d’aigua, el que m’ha cridat l’atenció és l’explicació-justificació que el dissenyador en fa, aquí us la deixo:
“The inspiration for the A24+ Silence Water came from the common practice of interrupting. Often people interrupt one another, without letting whoever is speaking finish his sentence. The name ‘Silence Water’ is actually part of a Greek saying, originated in a myth. The question “did you drink the Silence Water?” is addressed nowadays to someone who is not responsive or very quiet or out of words.
In Α24+ we use this saying as a reminder that one should not be hasty in talking, but should rather “learn to listen first and then

The Α24+ was designed in a glass bottle, with a dispenser comprising of 4 doses of 0.125 L, each lasting 24’. The name Α24+ results from the combination of the letter A, which is the drop cap of the word ‘silent’ and 24, which indicates the duration of each dose’s effect.
The A24+ Silence Water is suitable for people with sensitivity to presentations, lectures and conferences. It soothes the desire to interrupt, enhances hearing, strengthens concentration and prolongs the period of unbroken attention.”
via: Lovely Package


2 comments on “Silence Water

  1. Pomegranate
    22 Desembre 2011

    Vaaaaja! Ara necessitem un placebo inclús per a callar, xD! Una mica d'educació no n'hi ha prou?

  2. pilà
    24 Desembre 2011

    si fos tant fàcil fer callar a alguns que no paren ni sota l'aigua…

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