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CALABARTE obres d’art

Vaig descobrir aquest artista fa poquet per internet, quan vaig veure les làmpares aquestes el primer que vaig fer és descobrir qui era i poc després contactar amb l’artista per saber el seu preu pensant que ja tenia un genial regal de reis 🙂

La meva supersopresa va arribar quan vaig saber quant valia i com ho feia per vendre-les… ara mateix està fora del meu rang però potser a algu de vosaltres us interessa 🙂

La pàgina web:

ebay, encara teniu 13 hores per apostar, a partir de 1279$:

Us deixo la contesta que em va fer al meu email:

On 12 October 2011 00:01, Calabarte <> wrote:

Thank You. I’m glad you like my work 🙂
Here are all the most important informations.
I’m not focused in mass production. I want to make extraordinary lamps for people who appreciate original, exceptional things, highest quality, precision and caring for details.
Because this is very specific and demanding work I don’t make a lot of lamps. I prefer to make not so many pieces but always be sure that everything is on the highest level.
In past there were fixed costs of my lamps and I was making customize orders too.
For example Standing Lamp XI was sold for 700euro (~940$) and Standing Lamp XII – 780euro (~1050$).
Because of very high interest in my work I decided to stop admit individual orders and start selling my lamps by auctions on Otherwise the waiting list would be too long.
The first one that was sold by this way was Standing Lamp XIII – Thorn Sphere.
The start price was 700$ and it was sold for 1425$.
Standing Lamp XIV Globe II was sold for the same price (start price was 900$).
Every of my lamp is very individual so price depends of type, size, design and time of work.
Generally my standing lamps are the most expensive cause need a lot of time and they are the most splendid.
Standing Lamp like XI or XII is about 1,5month of work.
Now minimum cost of standing lamp will flirt around the prices from eBay, hanging lamps – 500euro (700$) and brackets 400euro (550$).
I am improving my technique all the time and want to make more and more perfect lamps. Progress is very important for me. That’s why prices are also changing and growing.
I don’t selling my lamps by any online galleries or shops.
Now all my lamps are sold.
I don’t know if next lamps will be also for sale by eBay.
Auctions equalize chances but I realize that some people don’t have time to take part in bidding.
My official website should be finished in about two months. Then all information, prices and galleries will be there so everything will be clear and more comfortable.
My work is my passion so for sure there will be more lamps.
I have the rule that I never make two the same lamps. I want every of my lamp to be unique and one of a kind.
The only exception is Globe Lamp which I made two so far. But they are also different.
Ja sabeu… m’encantaria tenir-ne una 😉

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